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Redistricting in Nebraska



Nebraskans for Independent Redistricting (NIR) has ceased efforts associated with the proposed ballot initiative that would prohibit the manipulation of voting districts – the process known as gerrymandering. The campaign was about empowering citizens and ending backroom deals so people pick their politicians not the other way around. NIR was confident that with the broad coalition leading the campaign and the broad support from Nebraska voters who want this reform we would qualify for the November ballot and once we qualified we were confident that we would win.

Then the pandemic hit. Although NIR and the partner organizations worked to explore options to move the effort forward, we were not able to run a traditional signature drive due to public health concerns.

But, the campaign does not stop here. There are reform measures pending in the legislature when session commences this summer. There are opportunities to ask candidates running for legislature what their stance is on these critical matters and to support candidates committed to good government. When the legislative session starts in 2021 there will be another opportunity to shape the rules and the process to increase transparency and end partisan gerrymandering. If need be, Nebraskans for Independent Redistricting will be prepared to take redistricting reform to voters again.

 A growing number of states from across the political spectrum are adopting redistricting commissions to strengthen community input, increase transparency and prevent partisan gerrymandering. It’s time for Nebraska to do the same. 

The League of Women Voters of Nebraska continues to support the creation of a redistricting process that is fair and unbiased: a people-powered process to eliminate partisan and racial gerrymandering.  Additionally, the League is committed to efforts to educate all Nebraskans regarding the importance of fair redistricting. Working together we can strengthen our democracy and protect Nebraska’s nonpartisan tradition. 


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